Calgary 2600 Meeting

What is it?

The Calgary 2600 meeting is a monthly meeting of people who are generally interested and enjoy things that are computing and technology related. The 2600 Meetings were originally started by 2600 magazine. A better and more complete description of what the 2600 meetings are about can be found here.

Where and when does it happen?

The Calgary 2600 meetings happen on the first Friday of every month at 6:00pm Calgary time with the meeting being usually located in the food court of the Eau Claire Market.

An update to in-person Calgary 2600 meetings

Due to Alberta’s vaccinations rate for the total population being above 40% the Calgary 2600 meeting can now resume in-person meetings. Also, for those who are wondering why this meeting isn't on the 2600's meetings list for August is because I only got in contact with 2600 Yesterday(I'm writing this on 06/08/2021) and they said that they will add it to their list when they update their website. So thus, there won't be a meeting on August 6(maybe there will be a meeting on another date this month).